11/26/19 @ 8:15am

111 Genesee St.

Suite 101

Buffalo, NY 14075


Charities click here to register interestPLEASE NOTE: Charities who register interest in attending are NOT guaranteed access to the event, which has limited capacity. You must receive a confirmation email FROM THE FEDERAL AGENCY before you may attend.  You will be notified prior to the event if your organization is confirmed to attend. 


Name of Federal Agency Hosting Event *

Buffalo Passport Agency

Event Coordinator Name *

Bill Langer

Event Name (i.e. Kickoff, Training, Charity Fair, Potluck, Cook-off, Cook-out, etc.)

CFC Charity Meet & Greet

Date of Event *

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Start Time of Event *

08:15:00 AM

End Time of Event *

10:30:00 AM

Anticipated attendance


Will the event take place at a secured federal facility? (i.e. no free public access) *


Physical Address Where Event Will Take Place *



111 Genesee St. Suite 101
Buffalo, NY 14075
United States

Name of Venue (building number/name, room number/name) *

Buffalo Passport Agency

How will charities participate? (check all that apply) *

  • Speak/present

Provide a *brief* description of your event (will be posted to the zone website calendar) *

We will be having an event for members of the agency to hear personal stories of the good work charities can do with CFC donations.

How many charities do you wish to speak at your event? (if applicable)


Max length of time per charity speech? (if applicable)


Will charities need to bring their own display tables and chairs? *

  • No

Max number of charities your event can accommodate? *


Max number of persons per charity who may attend? *


What information do you need to collect from charities in order for them to attend? *

  • Name of charity
  • Charity 5-digit CFC number
  • Full names of ALL charity attendees
  • Email address of charity rep

Describe any additional identification or security requirements charities need to know (cell phone/technology policies, escort policy, visitor badge ID and display, etc.) *

We will need charity attendees to go through security and get visitor ID badges. In addition, they will need to be escorted through the government areas and will have to turn off/put away cell phones and other electronic devices that can take photos and/or transmit data via Blue tooth.

Does your event allow for audio/visual presentations by attending charities? *


What audio/visual capabilities does the charity need to bring? (e.g. laptop, projector, power cords, adapters, etc.)

We have a smart board system that can play different media. If you have a DVD or a slide presentation, please have it on a disc, so that it can be run through our data security system prior to being inserted into the agency equipment. I can come to you to pick up a copy a few days in advance so all will be ready when you get to the agency.

Please provide any important directions to your facility, parking instructions, where to meet agency POCs, or ANYTHING else the charities need to know. *

There is no parking lot for the agency so all parking will be on the street. When entering the building, you will pass through security, who will give you badges and call for an escort.

EARLIEST time charities may ARRIVE on day of event? (if needed)

08:00:00 AM

LATEST time charities may ARRIVE on day of event? *

08:30:00 AM

LATEST time charities may DEPART on day of event? *

10:15:00 AM

DEADLINE by which charities *must* RSVP for event *

Friday, November 1, 2019

DEADLINE by which you must receive ALL charity participant information for SECURITY *

Friday, November 8, 2019

Date of Event: 
Tuesday, November 26, 2019 - 08:15