11/14/19 @ 10:30am

Colosseum Fitness and Sports Center

128 Chappie James Blvd

Rome, NY 13441


RSVP 11/1/19

Charities click here to register interestPLEASE NOTE: Charities who register interest in attending are NOT guaranteed access to the event, which has limited capacity. You must receive a confirmation email FROM THE FEDERAL AGENCY before you may attend.  You will be notified prior to the event if your organization is confirmed to attend. 


Name of Federal Agency Hosting Event *


Event Coordinator Name *

Joan White

Event Name (i.e. Kickoff, Training, Charity Fair, Potluck, Cook-off, Cook-out, etc.)

Charity Fair

Date of Event *

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Start Time of Event *

9:30:00 AM (arrive between 9:30-10:00)

End Time of Event *

01:30:00 PM

Anticipated attendance


Will the event take place at a secured federal facility? (i.e. no free public access) *


Physical Address Where Event Will Take Place *



Colosseum Fitness and Sports Center 128 Chappie James Blvd
Rome, NY 13441

Name of Venue (building number/name, room number/name) *


How will charities participate? (check all that apply) *


Provide a *brief* description of your event (will be posted to the zone website calendar) *

CFC Charity Awareness Fair run in conjunction with Annual Health Fair.

How many charities do you wish to speak at your event? (if applicable)


Will charities need to bring their own display tables and chairs? *


Max number of charities your event can accommodate? *


Max number of persons per charity who may attend? *


What information do you need to collect from charities in order for them to attend? *

  • Name of charity
  • Charity 5-digit CFC number
  • Full names of ALL charity attendees
  • Email address of charity rep
  • Phone number of ALL charity attendees
  • Driver's license #, state of issue, and full name on license

Describe any additional identification or security requirements charities need to know (cell phone/technology policies, escort policy, visitor badge ID and display, etc.) *

No pictures. Check in with Joan White

Does your event allow for audio/visual presentations by attending charities? *


What audio/visual capabilities does the charity need to bring? (e.g. laptop, projector, power cords, adapters, etc.)

Bring your own if necessary

Please provide any important directions to your facility, parking instructions, where to meet agency POCs, or ANYTHING else the charities need to know. *

Parking on south side of building. Contact Joan White cell 315-725-2445, joan.m.white34.civ@mail.mil with any questions.

EARLIEST time charities may ARRIVE on day of event? (if needed)

09:30:00 AM

LATEST time charities may ARRIVE on day of event? *

10:00:00 AM

EARLIEST time charities may DEPART on day of event?

01:30:00 PM

LATEST time charities may DEPART on day of event? *

02:00:00 PM

DEADLINE by which charities *must* RSVP for event *

Friday, November 1, 2019


Date of Event: 
Thursday, November 14, 2019 - 10:30